Love Dare

Many of you may be familiar with “The Love Dare,” a book that’s discussed and followed by Kirk Cameron’s character in the movie, Fireproof, which came out about a year or so ago.

I’ve often wondered how military couples who were going through deployment could participate in the Love Dare when they were so far apart. But Jocelyn Green of Faith Deployed found a resource that does just that.

The online military devotional, Excellent or Praiseworthy, has put together a 40-day Deployment Love Dare that military couples can do together. The concept is very cool. And all of it is very doable.

In September’s newsletter, we’re going to be talking quite a bit about military marriages – how we can protect them, how we can strengthen them, how we can become closer together even when we’re apart. I like the idea of this 40-Day Deployment Love Dare. It’s one thing a day – being patient, being kind, being thoughtful, things like that. Things, that if you add them all together, can drastically change how you and your spouse treat one another.

I would love to know if you’ve been able to do the Love Dare with your husband, or, if he’s deployed, you may try this Deployment Love Dare. Comment and share your thoughts!

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